Psi Vampires

Psi Vampires

Psi vampires are different from sanguinarian vampires. Sanguinarian vampires are the type that one generally thinks of when thinking of vampires. These types of vampires need to feed off blood whereas psi vampires require life force energy, otherwise known as pranic, to keep their health in good condition. Although they will probably not die without […]

Psi Vampire Abilities

Besides just the ability to feed off donors by absorbing their pranic or emotional energy, psi vampires have many different abilities that they need in order to survive. These abilities not only allow them to feed and do what they need to do to maintain their health, but they are also very helpful in self-defense […]

Feeding the Psi Vampire

Psi vampires have three main types of feeding. They can feed by proximity, which is to feed from sight. With this type of feeding a psi vampire only needs to be able to see their donor. Psi vampires can also feed through touch and the third type, in self defense. Feeding by proximity is the […]

Psi Vampires and Auras

Not only is a person’s aura a beautiful thing to see but it is also very important that a psi vampire be able to detect these auras. Because psi vampires feed off the energy of a person, they need to know what energy they will be taking in so they can determine if they want […]

Psi Vampire Awakenings

Every psi vampire will have to go through an awakening to discover what they are and how they want to lead their lives. This process can be very difficult and one will often be very confused as to what is happening to them and how to handle it but it is only through an awakening […]

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